2019 Text Communications report from EZ Texting

EZ Text Communications is a Text Service provider – not the one used by Adva Mobile, however a player in this space. They produce an annual report about the progress and use made by businesses using text marketing to reach their audience. In addition to the statistics about adoption that are now known by most […]

5 Ways to get rid of Creative Block

If you are creative artist, from time to time you probably have periods where are you struggling to find good ideas. It is the nature of making art – Sometimes we make great work, and sometimes, we do not. Whether you are a composer, writer, painter, or a sculpture artist you have probably experienced times […]

5 Tips for Arranging Songs for a Band

Arranging is one of those mystery topics within the music world, where we hear about it all the time, but only a few people really know what it is or why is it so important. Especially today it is a super relevant skill, because we have a surplus of singer/songwriters and producers out there, but arranging is usually a skill that both lack. For this reason, I want to shed some light about what arranging is and why is it so important.